1600" Jelly Roll

Kary Lanehart (Happy days ahead in Florida!)

Kary Lanehart (Happy days ahead in Florida!)

The beginning stage of making this 1600″ jelly roll quilt is to sew ALL 48 (forty eight) 42″ strips into one very long strip (1600″).

We are working in the dining room of the Green Ladle Restaurant in Lewiston, Maine run by Chef Dan Caron.

1600" Jelly Roll

Ellie Fellers, Co-Secretary and quilt teacher for the day

Ellie Fellers, Co-Secretary
Ellie expertly taught the group how to make the 1600″ Jelly Roll Quilt from Heirloom Creations. Thank you Ellie! And, thank you Karen Mitchell for helping with the math conversions we needed for another size of the same quilt.

Ellie is showing us her own 1600″ Heirloom Creations Jelly Roll Quilt, made from her enormous stash/store at home.

Ellie and Karen have made several of these jelly roll quilts.