Hazel Henderson, “Scrap Scramble” Teacher

Hazel taught a class called Scrap Scramble. We each brought 2 solid fat quarters and started out by placing 1 FQ on a community table. We each chose a fabric that someone else brought, added the white that Hazel supplied, and proceeded to make either an X or O block under a time limit of 30 minutes. Sew machines humming! Jen J won a prize for finishing first. Sue D. won the second place prize.  Lots of FUN.  We each made two blocks and displayed them on a design wall. Hazel will piece a charity quilt and will gladly accept help in doing that! Look for the X’s and O’s in some of the following photos.

Maine Modern Quilt Guild at Cotton Weeds Quilt Shop in Freeport, Maine 4/18/15

Group Photo 2

Unfortunately we are missing some members, but here are quite a few from our FANTASTIC group!

Left to right, back row:

Sandy Johnson, Betsy Cannan, Carmen Dickinson, Sara Allen, Adma Willis, Sharon Vandermay, Audrey Arguin, Jen Johnson

Middle row: Eleanor Dickens, Joan Emerson, Bonnie Dwyer, Jane Hann Morey, Karen Bean, Kathryn Simel, Stephanie Berry, Ellie Fellers

Front row:

Fred Maitland, Beth Maitland, Ann-Marie Schechtman, Sue Duval, Sue Arnold

Jane Hann Morey, Augusta

Jane Hann Morey's Mod quilt with lots of white negative space Jane Hann Morey's mod quilts

Jane shows her modern quilt which originally called for the center of the stars to be a color. But, being the modern quilter that Jane is, she changed the centers to be white, adding to the negative space.

The second smaller quilt was sewn using the One-Seam Flying Geese method, taught by Carmen Dickinson, which originated in England and was shared by Ricky Tims.

Betsy Cannan’s Modern Quilt “Totem” designed by Carolyn Friedlander. Betsy lives in Minot.

FullSizeRender-12Betsy's Making Waves 2

Totem is the first quilt and Chistmas Sparkle (Making Waves) was designed by Weeks Ringle of Modern Quilt Studio. The center of Totem was paper-pieced. I used June Taylor’s Perfect Piecing foundation sheets and loved them. Most is left in place for stabilization. Making Waves was taught by Ann-Marie Schetchman, Modern Quilter.  My husband, Don, is holding up Christmas Sparkle for me.

Weeks Ringle and her husband Bill Kerr will be teaching and presenting at the Maine Quilt Show in July 2015.

Riley Blake Challenge Fabrics Charity Quilts November 2014

Jane Hann Morey, left, pieced the blocks that MMQG members made using the left over fabric from the Riley Blake Challenge. Two completed quilts will be donated to the Oncology Unit at St. Mary’s Hospital in Lewiston, Maine. They will be used by patients when they have infusion treatments. A third quilt will be donated to the Linus project. Thank you to everyone who helped with this project!!!!!  (Stephanie Berry, Treasurer, right)

jane H.M Riley Blake 2Jane H.M. Riley Blake 1 Nov 2014Jane H.M. Riley Blake 3

Block of the Month 2014

Blocks of the Month.

A Garden {Quilt} Full of Florals

Night Quilter

For as much as I photograph and swoon over flowers, florals are foreign to my fabric stash. Last week, I built my stash with this fabric it rarely sees: florals. I bought in 1/4 yard cuts since it was the smallest possible cut at the local fabric store I visited, and I don’t typically use florals in my projects. I must say, though, I am happy with the floral fabrics I did find, and they are perfect for the project gift I have in mind.

stash building for a new projectThis project is a surprise gift with a short deadline. I KNOW the recipient will love it, and I’m exciting to share details with you. But for now, I’ll just show off these fabrics.

Grace fabric rjr fabrics flowers

Grace fabrics rjr fabrics flowers

I don’t know the full information for all of the fabrics, since I didn’t have a chance to write them all down, and I bought small enough cuts that the selvedges don’t…

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Color Inspiration Thursday {24}

Night Quilter

This week’s color inspiration comes again from the bog. There were so many pops of color in that oasis ecosystem that I just had to share more than one week’s worth. Palettes are made using Play Crafts’ Palette Builder 2.1 and my photographs. Enjoy!

red leaf pop color palette

Corresponding Kona cottons from left to right:
Avocado, Steel, Sable, Old Green, Plum, Pepper

I love how this little pinkish (Kona Plum) leaf just pops right up with burst of color amongst the evergreens. Getting the leaf in perfect focus was a bit tricky with the wind and fading light, but I think it still works. If nothing else, it makes me smile.

red berries color palette

Corresponding Kona cottons from left to right:
Steel, Bison, Brown, Ruby, Wine, Lipstick

Corresponding Aurifil thread from left to right:
1246 – Grey
4173 – Dk Olive
5024 – Dark Brown
2230 – Med Peony
2355 – Rust
2265 – Lobster Red

I love…

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Guild Envy & Modern Block of the Month Progress

Night Quilter

I’ve never been to a quilt guild meeting. There, I’ve said it. The nearest Modern Quilt Guild is the Maine Modern Quilt Guild (MMQG), and they meet over 2 hours away. With two little kids, it’s not really possible for me to meet with them with any kind of regularity. There’s another local, traditional quilt guild about 30 minutes away, and I hope to attend some of their meetings, but I just haven’t been able to make it work yet.

I read and hear so much about the fun projects people do at Modern Quilt Guild meetings: the new skills learned, the opportunities to be a part of a charity quilt or MQG contest, the tricks and tips shared, and I very much want to be a part of that! So far, though, I’ve only been participating from afar, via email as much as I can. That will have…

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Riley Blake Group Quilt

Riley Blake Group Quilt

Members will share in the making of a quilt using Riley Blake and other fabrics. Jane Hann Morey, Membership Liaison between MMQG and PTQG shows some blocks she made to get the group started. Completed blocks will be returned to Jane at the June 6th meeting at Mardens in Lewiston. Thank you, Jane, for all the work you did to get this project off the ground! The quilt pattern Square Dance/Shake It Up! comes from: In Love with Squares and Rectangles, by Amy Walsh and Janine Burke, from the Blue Underground Studios.

Group Photo of Maine Modern Quilters (not all members present in photo)

Group Photo of Maine Modern Quilters (not all members present in photo)

Nearing the end of an educational and sharing day the ME Mod Quilters held their Metropolis blocks for a group photo.
Back, left to right: Jennifer Johnson, Jane Hann Morey, Mona Gosselin, Carmin Dickinson, Beth Maitland, Sara Allen (hiding), Adma Wilson, Hazel Henderson, and Karen Bean
Front, left to right: Bonnie Dwyer, Sandy Johnson, Betsy Cannan